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Hi Zoiper Team,

We require you urgent support for zoiper biz, we have shifted our call center to only zoiper biz few weeks ago, no hardware phone at office now.

we are using auto answer feature to answer calls automatically saving agents time,

but some time it happens that auto answer is configured but no call is answered automatically, we have disabled call popup's so agents cant even answer manually,

this is business impacting and creating a very bad image to company to our valued costumers,we are facing a lot of abandon calls due to this.

when we restart the zoiper issue got resolved.

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as a biz user you are entitled to premium support.

Please contact our support team at support at zoiper dot com

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Hi i have already contacted support and have no reply so i thought would try here instead 

I see your case with my colleagues from the sales department, but there are no other tickets from your email address.

You already have an answer. Please check all your mailbox folders.

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