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Zoiper 1.30 for ANdriod

Library version: 35079

LG Mobile: LG-H961N connected with HBS-800

Symptom : Call to someone, hear nothing. When I hit the speaker in Zoiper, the voice come out by loud speaker mode. Disable the speaker mode, can hear the voice  on the speaker (not loud speaker). But never get the voice at Bluetooth.

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Currently, Zoiper supports only BT devices that use the SC0(mono) profile. Others may or may not work as expected. "Answer" and "Hangup" headset buttons are not supported.

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Thanks for your reply. The same setting in "Mi Note" is working fine. If the "not working" is not relative to Zoiper, I try to ask LG.


no need to ask LG. Zoiper bluetooth implementation is listed as Beta, because it supports only SCO mono profile. However, what bluetooth profiles the device supports might also affect bluetooth usage with Zoiper.

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