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There is a background noise in iphone 5. The noise stops if I open and close the window application. But then, after a call it starts again.

This is very annoying.

What can I do?


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The noise appears when you use UPD and the settings for background are enabled. As a solution you can change the Transport type to TCP and disable the settings from the Incoming call section. Note that if your VoIP provider does not support TCP, your account will not register. For more details check with your provider.

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Can you please give me step by step directions to: change the Transport type to TCP for iPhone 5.


Start  your Zoiper for iOs, then go to Settings -> Accounts -> select your account and open Network features
Note that your provider must support TCP otherwise your account will not register. Please refer to your provider for more assistance

Disabling the incoming call feature technically puts the Zoiper application in shutdown mode as there is nothing for it to do while in the background.

The reports of ticking noise of iPhone plague also the apple forums and maybe there are other applications that generate it. In my case, however, going through the list of applications and switching off Zoiper fixes it. Obviously, disabling background function would do the same, but simply means that you acknoledge the aplication as being buggy and need to do something about it.

Please identify weather you have a leftover in the code that triggers a sound function or a re-focus on the camera.

Seeing other comments, it is reproducible on my phone and my wife's phone and does appear after various calls.

Are you using TCP or UDP ?
Zoiper will remain active when using TCP and will wake up every now and then.
Zoiper will not remain active when using UDP and background mode is disabled.

Can you help us with some debug logs ? Please contact us on support@zoiper.com and refer to this community post url.

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