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I have a similar problem that started about a week ago. When I dial from my iPhone 6, using Zoiper Premium 1.12.1, I can hear the other side speaking, but they don't hear me. I have checked the Privacy settings on the iPhone and Zoiper has acces to the microphone. I have enabled and disabled STUN and Rport, but unfortunately this does not resolve the problem. The problem only exists on outgoing calls. When I receive a call, the sound works fine both ways!

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Please open the Statistics while you are in a call and check whether there are any outgoing packets. If not, you may need to contact your VoIP provider.

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Hello Ivan,

Thank you for your reply. I have incoming and outgoing packets. Everything seems to be right, but only when I initiate the call, the person on the other end cannot hear me.

Try also different combinations of the settings in the Audio section from Zoiper's Settings menu.

Thank you Ivan,

I have tried the different combinations of audio settings, but unfortunately no difference. Isn't there a list of settings that is guaranteed to work with iOS 9.2.1 in combination with Zoiper Premium 1.12.1?

The approach seems to be very much trial and error and takes lots of time (which I don't have). If I don't find a solution for this problem soon, I will be obliged to go looking for another soft phone :-(

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