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Hi, I was using Zoiper on a windows 7 desktop pc, I have only one account  (my provider is sonetel) with one sip phone number, now I tried to add a phone number on the same sonetel account but I cannot see an option or a setting that allows me to manage the two phone numbers (a French and a Belgian)  on zoiper.

To be more clear, If I try to make a phone call on Zoiper, it doesn't allow me to choose which number I'm phoning with, does anyone know how I could work it out?

Thanks very much

asked Feb 6, 2016 in Windows by codes barres (120 points)  

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You can set the caller id in the zoiper account settings, but some operators will override it.

The only way to manage the caller id on the fly with a dropdown is by using 2 accounts in zoiper. 

answered Feb 6, 2016 by Joachim (11,490 points)  
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