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10-Feb-2016. *Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone* Your rating:★★★★★ *Registration fail issue* As expected, network glitches between Zoiper and my host sip server cause my Zoiper to go into registration fail mode, but what is not expected is that when the network recovers, Zoiper remains locked out in registration fail. Zoiper either has to be restarted for it to recover, or I have to temporarily stop wifi and go to 3G mobile for a minute and then go back to wifi. Then Zoiper's registration recovers OK. Zoiper needs a mod so it automatically keeps retrying to recover from any registration fail. *Developer response:* Zoiper will fix itself automatically after a while, the issue is because android does not notify us at the proper time when the network is up ----MY FURTHER COMMENTS------ Can you be a little more specific about how long that "after a while" would be, or explain what exactly it is that initiates an automatic fix operation? The problem I have is that when Zoiper has been running in the background and I haven't opened it for a while, maybe a couple of days for example, it's quite common for me to discover it displaying a red registration fail notification when I open it. I can't usually tell how long it's been in that failed state unless I've received an email indicating that someone has left me an incoming voicemail when I thought Zoiper should have had me registered on-line. In that event I find there's no indication of any incoming call from that voicemail's number on Zoiper. I've found 3 possible ways of restoring my registration: 1. Stop my local wifi and temporarily go over to mobile internet, see registration turn green, and then go back to my local wifi 2. Force stop Zoiper in Settings -> Applications. Then restart it. 3. Restart my whole phone. I've tried simply waiting and doing nothing for quite a while to see if Zoiper fixes itself, but that doesn't work, at least not after quite a long wait anyhow. Zoiper copes and recovers registration OK with local loss of wifi and/or local loss of mobile signal. This registration lockout problem only seems to arise when network glitches occur deeper down the line towards my sip server, ofr even in the sip server itself. Those glitches are more common when I'm travelling and staying in countries with weak internet infrastructure, than they are when I'm at home. Of course lengthy periods of red registration fail cause incoming calls to be unnecessarily lost and this inconveniences both myself and my callers. I'm wondering if there'd be any easy way of running a log file that would record exactly when red registration fail occurs?

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asked Feb 14, 2016 in Android by Sleepy John (140 points)  
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Hello, I see this has been commented in #159781

answered Feb 15, 2016 by Katina (23,910 points)  
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Please try the latest zoiper beta:

We believe this is fixed in this build, if it is confirmed to be fixed we will release it as stable.

It is some sort of race condition like situation that happens on some phones in some circumstances. (We have a really hard time reproducing this)

I confirm that this issue is RESOLVED with the ZOIPER BETA (Zoiper v2.0.19, librairy rev. 2.8.12).

I had the exact same issue: after 10~20 hours, Zoiper (v1.40, library rev. 2.8.9) was remaining stuck in orange state "establishing connection" or red unable to connect. Forcing reconnection from the application was always unsuccessful. The only way I found was the same as upper her: quitting the application (also closing from Android interface) and launching again.
The new beta version works perfectly without interruption for 72+ hours.


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