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I m using zoiper in my web application. i m facing issue while doing incoming call.Hang up is working while i m doing hang up from plugin  but  its not working when i doing from custom button in my web application. its being from one side not working from caller side in incoming call.

Please help me asap.

Thanks & Regards,

Yogesh Jain

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If I understand you correctly, you have Zoiper WEB on both sides. but you can not hangup the call by using your custom button? 

The example in the documentation just a very simple example. It doesn't take into account the incoming call and doesn't store it in the ActiveCall variable.
For example if you change the OnZoiperCallIncoming to this

function OnZoiperCallIncoming(call)
ActiveCall = call;

The hangup is actually going to be called in this case because ActiveCall will not be NULL.

For an other approach you can for example modify the hangup function like this.
function Hang()
var call = Zoiper.Call;
if (null != call)
Which will always hangup the current call.

Note that this are also examples and you have to modify them or implement something completely different to suit your needs.

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Hello Katina,

Thanks for your immediate response,

We facing same issue this time too ,as per your sample code we have changed in our Application but it's not working properly.

One thing i want to clear with you that When We calling from Mobile Device on Zoiper Web Softphone,When Call Disconnected/Rejected from Web Softphone  still Call running on Mobile Device.

Please Suggest me any Solution  asap

Thanks & Regards,



this seems like its a misconfiguration of some kind. Some log files will be required.

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