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If I have a number stored in my contacts that has +1 prior to the area code the call doesn't go through. Short of having to modify the stored number how can I get Zoiper to complete the call?

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First you will need to configure Global Number Rewriting, so your Zoiper will know where you are located.
Please run your Zoiper for Android, then go to Config and select Number Rewriting.
Select your country from the list.
Now you need to go back, select Accounts and then select the account you will be using.
Scroll down to Number rewriting.
You can choose from a list of prefixes or add your own prefix.

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thanks, can you please explain more,

I have all my contacts (+countrycode) NXXX-XXXX in the android database. to dial using provider1 I need to remove (+countrycode) and prepend "9" NXXXXXXX

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