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Hello, by error, disabled popup alerts on outgoing calls (User busy, etc).

How can we show them again? 


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please tell us more about the version of zoiper used and the operating system so that we can help you.

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In Zoiper3 you need to open settings -> Preferences -> Automation -> Notification to enable the notification popups.

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Hi all! I have a similar problem - does not appear "busy" for outgoing calls. How to enable this option? Zoiper version (32bit), operation system - Windows XP SP3.

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Hello, mr. Крутиков,

Could you please share more details about the issues that you are experiencing?

Hello, Katina!

By default, Zioper shows "User Busy" popup, when calling user is busy. But if you check "Do not show this message again", then you never will see status "User Busy".

Hello, to get the message box back please follow these steps:

1. Make sure Zoiper is not running;

2. open a file browser (opening My Computer will do so);

3. type %APPDATA% in the address bar and press enter;

4. open "Config.xml" with notepad for editing;

5. search for error_message and change it to look like this:


Next time when you start Zoiper, the pop up message will be there again.

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