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I have read a previous post regarding this issue but I don't see how I can configure Zoiper version 3.6.1 for PUSH notification in my iPhone. There is an option to have it come "alive" if it is still in the "background" but not if it is turned off.
I double checked and all notifications are enabled for Zoiper in the iOS Settings menu -> Notifications but still there is no real PUSH notification.
Is there a newer version coming up?
Best regards from Venezuela.

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Please use TCP instead of UDP on the server and it will behave exactly like push notifications.

We cannot make a generic push server for non whitelabel customers without "stealing" our user credentials and store them in plaintext on our server. This is due to apple only allowing 1 push server per appplication.

As we have millions of users, this would be a big target for hackers. We are not willing to put our customers data at risk.

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