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Hi, I just configure Zoiper on Windows 7. I was able to make a call to an extension. The problem is that when I close Zoiper and reopen it, I can't make a call because the account that I just made dissappears! So, I have to reconfigure Zoiper every time I close it and reopen it.

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Hello, Zoiper 3 keeps its config files in the %APPDATA%\Zoiper folder for the current user.

Make sure that the current user is allowed to write in that folder.

If using not Zoiper3, but another Zoiper product, please specify it.

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Hi Katina, sorry for the delay... I'm using Zoiper 3.9 and there's no Zoiper folder at %APPDATA%. Instead, I found it at c:\users\vot\AppData\Roaming\Zoiper

In that folder there are 3 files: "config", "contacts" and "history". The machine is runing Windows 7. Also, I opened the config file and there's no information about the account. Maybe a workaround could be to hardcode the accounts parameters? If you could send me a sample config file I could do it.


Yes. On some windows it is in  the relevant to c:\users\vot\AppData\Roaming\Zoiper

Zoiper would put the configuration in config.xml. If ti can not write there the config will not be there after restart.

Katrina, just to let you know that the folder was read-only. So I changed the permissions and so far so good!


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