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I have VoIP service from my Internet provider. They do not provide Softphone. So I use their ATA adapter with analog phone.

On ZoiPer website I found info that for making call we need:

ZoiPer software installed, VoIP connection and credentials from provider.

I set up account entering my VoIP account name and password for my ADSL connection (using Windows 10 as OS).

user name in form

When connect I get SIP 923 - No DNS results.

when nslookup, only could be resolved but not

Should I ask them for IP for

 ...  is it possible at all to use soft phone in scenario I am trying to do.

I want to call from my pc through my VoIP/Internet provider. Or I have to be registered with some third party PBX?


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Zoiper shall work with any provider that provides SIP or IAX2 accounts.

Are you using Zoiper 3 or a mobile product?

Please take a look at the ata's configuration - it should already have the sip account's credentials.

Usually you need the following details:

- username

- ip or domain of the server

- password

SIP 923  is usually shown when the server information is not provided correctly. It could also appear if the transport type is not selected as necessary.
Please ask your provider what are the exact details of your account and what is the correct transport type that you need to use.
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HI Katina,

I found the host IP in my ADSL router config (ppp get IPAddress).

Looks like I am closer...

Now when confirm configuration I get SIP 404 - Not Found - No Route to destination...

What it could be now? I found on web that somebody fixed it by choosing codec. The other guy saying it is not related to the error but it fixed the problem. In my case I have all codecs available.

Any idea? Provide is not big help, because they don't provide support for soft phone, but I can ask presize question. So what to ask if any...


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