ZoiPer on Verizon LTE

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Has anyone been able to get ZoiPer to work on Veizon's LTE network? I used to get it to work using TCP as the transport but I can no longer complete a call, the account will register but when I call a Polycom on the same VOIP server it rings but I cannot pick up the call. Calls complete successfully over WiFi and I realize it is a carrier issue I just wanted to know if anyone found any sort of workaround. Thank you-

asked Mar 1, 2016 in Android by JR (120 points)  

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Ive heard they are mangling SIP traffic now to prevent people from using their cell phones with VoIP.  I've also been unable to get my SIP accounts working anymore while on Verizons data network, but have no trouble with IAX accounts.

answered Mar 2, 2016 by Matthew Malkowski (140 points)  
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