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Hi All,

I'm using Zoiper for my business line on my personal Android mobile. I'm trying to figure out an automated method of effectively disabling Zoiper outside office hours to save battery.

I've got "Enable on Start" checked for my SIP account, but would like not to have to remember to register and then disable the account in the mornings and when I finish work. I don't need it draining my battery at 2200.

Zoiper doesn't seem to have a built in scheduler (which I think would be a great addition), so I'm trying to use Tasker with some success.

I'm using Secure Settings to change the package state to disabled at 1800, then at 0700 enable the package, launch the app, wait 5 seconds and then return to home. It's a bit messy and if I happen to be using the phone it's a bit frustrating to have the app flash up for a few seconds. 

I don't think Tasker supports launching an app in the background. I've had a look online with limited success.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be implemented? I'm sure there are a lot of users out there like me who only use Zoiper during business hours on their mobiles.



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