No Outlook contacts displayed in Zoiper Biz

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I cannot get Zoiper Biz 3.9.32144 to display contacts from Outlook 16

I am running Windows 10

asked Mar 5, 2016 in Windows by Bilko2 (150 points)  

My problem was that I used (wrongly) my account name and password.

What should be used is the Outlook profile name (default "Outlook") and the Windows password

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First make sure the version of outlook you use  (32 bit or 64 bit) matches the version of zoiper you have installed. If they are not both 32 bit or both 64 bit it will not work.

You can find the outlook version here:

The zoiper version you can find in help -> about

Then enable the outlook contacts in zoiper -> settings -> preferences -> contacts

Make sure the profile name matches the one for outlook:

This link shows how to find the profile name:

answered Mar 5, 2016 by Joachim (11,490 points)  
selected Mar 7, 2016 by Katina
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