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Hello Everyone,

have been using Zoiper for a while now and really like it.
The major issue I am having is that I have multiple numbers on one account.
Each number is a different company.

However, when I haved a missed call it does not show to which number was called.
So when I call back I have no idea which number to use or from which company I should call.

Is there any way to fix this? 
Thanks in advance!

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Has this ever been fixed? 

I have just started testing Zoiper for use with my telephone answering service with multiple incoming numbers. If I can't see the incoming number a customer dialled on a missed call then the app is useless to me.

The incoming number is shown when the call arrives so why can't this be stored then?

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This information is available in the cal log. Open the call log and click on the call. You will see to which account the call had been made.

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I am sorry I don't see this anywhere.
It shows the number that has called, but not to which account it was made.

See also this image: Image


This is not the expected behavior.

Please see the image


Katina, perhaps you're not understanding how Zoiper functions. The only number that appears in the Call Log for INCOMING calls is the number of the originator / dialer. The number of the destination the was being called is NOT displayed. Therefore it is impossible to look at the call log and determine if a missed call was intended for my personal number that is native to Android or if they were calling my business number associated with Zoiper.

+1.  I need to be able to look at the Zopier call log and see just calls made to/from my VOIP accounts so that I can respond accordingly.  

Surely it would be simple to add an option to preferences which allows users to select which VOIP accounts show in the call log and / or to disable native calls direct to the cell phone from appearing in the Zopier call log?  

Having to scroll through hundreds of calls and individually select them to identify if they were made through a VOIP account is crazy.

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