Zoiper with openvpn No DNS RESULTS!

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Zoiper gives me no dns results when i am connected with my openvpn server on samsung galaxy s6 edge!

csipsimple and other software works fine with same setup on same phone!

the problem exists on 3g/4g and on some WIFI networks!

with direct ip usage zoiper works with openvpn , but this is not a solution because the server ip is dynamic.

Thank u! 

asked Mar 10, 2016 in Android by johnmis (200 points)  

Similar problem here, any progress on it?

From what i see the actual problem is not in OpenVPN providing default route (in my case there are only some static ones), but in the fact that for some reason Zoiper seems to completely ignore nameservers that were added by OpenVPN using "dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x"' lines. Tried with both "push"-ing them from the server and setting them locally in the config. In both cases Zoiper seems to be the only app that fails to use OpenVPN provided nameservers.

I suppose in your case it also failed to use the nameserver, provided by OpenVPN. As for the nameserver from your mobile provider it did not work because when routing everything via OpenVPN your source IP is no longer one of their own and their nameserver is most likely set to ignore queries from foreign IP's.

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Which OpenVPN client?  With which openvpn provider?

answered Mar 22, 2016 by who (640 points)  

Openvpn for Android and the server is a personal server, running asterisk and openvpn.

 I think  that zoiper fails, because openvpn sends all traffic through vpn, and zoiper asks dns information from mobile's dns through vpn and fails , because mobile's dns is unknown to server's internet provider.

thank u!

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