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Why g722 under Iax2 isnt suported ?

can be used only with sip

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Iax2 now has G722 and Opus on Zoiper 5 for Windows. Please could we have it on the mobile client?

Currently G.722 and Opus are available only for IAX2 only in ZoiperH5. However they will probably appear in Zoiper mobile with some of our future updates.

Hi - Opus and G722 for IAX2 are now on the Windows Mobile Zoiper client but not on the Android client. Any idea when we will get it on Android. Please....!?


The Windows Phone Zoiper has not received updates for a very long time. I am not sure if it will receive any, since Microsoft itself isn't supporting the platform anymore. 

This is more of a visual glitch, since our library itself does not support those codecs with IAX2.

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I believe we did not implement it because the RFC is lacking information to do it properly. (not 100% sure though)

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