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I am using ZOIPER 3.6.1 Library revision: 35079

The APP is interfering (a lot) with the other APPs. Some of the symptoms of the problem:

a) Waze assistent can't finish a sentence. In the middle of every sentence ZOIPER turns it off

b) RSSRadio stops playing audio

c) When I change the Airplay to the Iphone-Speaker I can hear a low noise. It's like Vinyl End of Record Sound, but in a very low volume. If you are young enough to misunderstand this, you can check the video in Vinyl End of Record Sound

How do I know it's Zoiper? Well, when I close it all this problems stops immediately.

Please help!


OBS: I use both call options "Keep Alive" and "Force Background".

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Could you please be more specific about the issue you experience? Do these issues appear when Zoiper is in background? Or they appear when a call comes in or Zoiper is opened?

If the issues appear when Zoiper is opened or when incoming call comes in, this is completely normal, since the default behaviour on iOS is to release the audio devices when third-party application , which needs to use them, is started.  The only exception from this rule are some of the native iOS applications.

As for the issues with the noise played in background, this is observed when UDP transport is used and the options from the Incoming calls section in  Zoiper's Settings menu are enabled - "Force background" and "Wi-Fi Keep Alive". As a solution you may change the transport to be TCP or TLS, and disable the options mentioned above. To change the transport just go to the Network settings from the account configuration.

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Please contact us on support at zoiper dot com, so we can give you more details about how to test the beta.

Thanks Ivan, emailing you now :)

Hi Ivan,

I have tested the beta version of the new release and unfortunately same issue persists.

Another new version was available for update today, however the issue persists :(


I am having the same problem while using iPhone 6, as soon as I install the latest Zoiper application, the ring tone, message alerts, volumes of other applications go down to a very low level. This problem leaves me uninstall the app as nothing else works properly.

Can you guys advise if there is a way to fix this or any update to the app coming up soon to address the issue?

Many thanks.



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