I can't anwer calls since two days ago (Android)

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Since two days ago, when I receive calls I swipe left to right but don't connect with the caller. Green and red buttoms dessapear for a while. I recorded a video to show this issue https://youtu.be/bPknRGZpSAE

Thanks in advanced

asked Mar 16, 2016 in Android by Santiago (120 points)  

I've just found out that is a problem with my ADSL provider due to if I disconnect wifi I'm able to answer calls with my mobile line.

1 Answer

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What happens if you reinstall Zoiper? Can you try it?

answered Mar 16, 2016 by Anton (3,950 points)  

I've already reinstalled. The video was recorded just after reinstalling and reconfiguring the app.

I asked this question too 5 days ago.This happens when I use cell phoneprovider network.  I jave reinstalled a few times hasnt changed. 

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