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The call log in Zoiper displays ALL calls, including those made to/from the native Android dialer which I don't want to have displayed. The current setup makes it very difficult to know which calls in the log are personal in nature versus those that are for business purposes. And suggestions would be appreciated.

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I agree, I would like an option to keep them completely separate.  

Zoiper calls also show up in the native Android call history and it would be very easy to accidentally return a call from the wrong number.

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+1.  I need to be able to look at the Zopier call log and see just calls made to/from my VOIP accounts so that I can respond accordingly.  

Surely it would be simple to add an option to preferences which allows users to select which VOIP accounts show in the call log and / or to disable native calls direct to the cell phone from appearing in the Zopier call log?  

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