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Hello, I am pretty new in IP telephony, I try to set up my mobile phone as SIP phone to be able to use our firm internal network. Everything seems good, but there is a thing. I need to have my phone only on vibration, so I bought Samsung Gear Fit to vibrate on my wrist instead of ringing and it works with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pretty well. But when someone calls me on my mobile phone within internal firm network - using Zoiper - I can normally take a call and so on, but my Gear Fit doesnt vibrate (it is correctly set up in Samsung Gear Fit manager) - it vibrates only when I miss a call wih Zoiper. Anyone has similar experience or it is just feature? I will write to Samsung, too.

Thank for any help in advance.

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Android wear notifications support is in our "todo" list for future versions of Zoiper. However, we cannot provide an exact time-frame at this moment.
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