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I am a beginner, please make your reply simple.  I have downloaded the free version of Zoiper to my MacBook Pro.  I set up my SIP provider.

It works fine but does not have access to my contacts.  When I downloaded Bria 3 (similar to Zoiper), I was able to give access to my contacts is Bria 3 settings.

I have tried to see how to do it with Zoiper, but failed.

Please help.

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The integration of Zoiper with Mac Address Book is available for Zoiper 3 Biz.

When you are installing Zoiper 3 Biz for MacOS X it would prompt you during the installation to allow access to the Mac Address Book. Afterwards, you should be able to call them.

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It took a long time to find out that the cheapskates - me who use the free copy can't link the Mac address book.  You have to spend money to buy the Biz version.  As I have already spent money on Bria 3 which is linked to the Mac address book, I will be deleting Zoiper.

Thanks Ivan for your reply.  I have given you as many votes as I can, seems to be one only.

You can also sign up for the beta for zoiper 5 on http://www.zoiper.com/labs

It has the mac contacts enabled (and should be much better on mac than the zoiper 3)

Joachim,  That was a really helpful comment.  I have now got the Beta version and it seems to be much better than Bria 3 which was virtually useless when my broadband is very busy with huge speed variations, jitter, and variable delays.  Many thanks.

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