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Hello ,

I have all my contatcs saved in e164 format . That means (+ 98 xxxxxxxxxX) .

The server does not support e 164 format , so i have to replace + with 00 . Using number rewrite on Iphone does not work .

The same exact rules are being applied on an android phone and everything works fine .

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What are your settings for the number rewriting? Do you have the + sign in the strip dial characters? If yes you will need to remove it.

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I'm facing the same issue. All my contacts have the + in front of the number.  As soon as I try to dial, the call stops.  

Is there a way to have Zoiper understand E164 number format? Is it part of the gold version?



The issue is not with Zoiper, but rather your service provider which does not simplify the numbers on the server-side.

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