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Hi Zoiper, 

Firstly let me thank you for one of the best Voip phone systems out there. I have purchased the business version for Windows Desktop and have never looked back. 

I thought have a few issues; 

  1. I recently started using the Android version and have found a minor issue whereby it appears that my Blue Tooth headset does not work through Zoiper. I am therefore forced to use a wired earpiece which is not ideal. I can find no settings for this @ all?  
  2. When I receive calls it appears that the person on the other side can hear me perfectly however I cannot hear them? When I initiate a call this works just fine
  3. Since upgrading to Outlook 2016 64bit I am no longer able to sync my contacts and had to remove this option due to the desktop app crashing all the time. 

Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated
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