Does Zoiper for Android support voicemail notification (MWI)?

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If this feature is available, how do I turn it on?

asked Apr 11, 2016 in Android by gyoung (190 points)  

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Thw MWI feature is not yet available in the Android version of Zoiper. It is planned for the future releases, but there is no ETA on when it will be implemented,

answered Apr 11, 2016 by Ivan (18,410 points)  

I know it's only been a couple of months, but any ETA on this one yet?

At the moment we are not able to provide any ETA on this implementation. We are currently working on improving the general experience with the application.

Just following up to see if there has been any further progress on this and a likely ETA? Having just moved from SipDroid, not having voicemail notifications is a big disadvantage to what otherwise seems an excellent app. Thanks. 

Any update on this? 

This is a core feature of the voip experience. 

This seems like a core feature.

The MWI feature was requested for years, and there seems to be no progress in its implementation whatsoever. Without MWI its near impossible to choose Zoiper as preferred SIP phone app on Android. Can you add this feature ASAP to Zoiper Beta on Android?


This feature is actually ready for Android and currently being tested internally. 

The future releases of version >2.9 should have it. :)

I installed the latest Zoiper for Android 2.9.8 Beta from market. Can't see any MWI options in Settings or Account options. Where in Zoiper Notifications or UI can I see MWI, and how it looks like?

Does it show in the Phone Notification top area the number of new voicemails left? It may be shown as a number on top of "Zoiper registered" notification, no need for a separate one. In addition, in Zoiper GUI, MWI may be shown as number of new messages left on top of each contact. 

But I don't see any MWI whatsoever, despite its declared in Google Play Zoiper Beta description. Is it a false declaration? Why no details are given?


When you set your Voicemail number (bind it to the "1" key), this will automatically enable the MWI.

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