Is there a way to make a direct IP call using ZOIPER?

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I have tried to make direct IP calls from Zoiper client to Zoiper client on the same LAN but to not avail, is this possible?

asked Apr 13, 2016 in General by Marcos Akerman (180 points)  

I have the same question.  It is possible in Linphone, and should be possible in Zoiper.

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If you want to make direct calls with Zoiper:

1. you need to have some account to dial with. You can use a real account, or create a dummy account.
2. Dial the remote SIP URI using the following syntax:

sip:remoteuser@remoteserver(IP address of the user):remoteserverport (example: sip:dummyuser@

You should also disable the "Open random port" for SIP in Zoiper's settings. Otherwise Zoiper will listen on random ports above 32000 and you will need to somehow find which is the proper port.

answered Jun 26, 2019 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,310 points)  
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