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congratulation! ZoiPer is a fine piece of software. I like it. Today I was able to configure ZoiPer on iOS 7.1.2 (iPhone 4) to a AVM router 7490 (latest OS: 06.51). I still bought also the additional audio and video codecs for ZoiPer.

I played around with audio codecs. I disabled one after another, until only G.729 was switched on, which I'd like to prefer. Athough the AVM router 7490 shall support G.729 (it is there called G.729a see: http://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7490/knowledge-base/publication/show/1008_Voice-codecs-for-Internet-telephony-supported-by-FRITZ-Box/ ) ZoiPer fails when trying to dial. Error message: Not Accacceptable Here (488).

Is it possible to fix this non-compatibility by ZoiPer?

Thank you for looking onto this matter.

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Error 488 is returned from the server. Check with your VoIP provider for more details.

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You are right, as the provider is my router = VoIP Server. The German firmware version of the AVM FB 7490 has sadly the G.729 not activated :-(

see: http://avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7490/wissensdatenbank/publication/show/1008_Unterstuetzte-Sprach-Codecs-bei-Internettelefonie/

Also elder hints to activate it unofficially seems nowadays no more possible (Telnet on the router is deactivated), unless to install the international firmware version.

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