No audio output via speaker on Windows 10

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I'm running the Sipgate pre-configured installation of Zoiper 3.6.2 on two Windows 10 machines.

On my laptop (with integrated speakers) I have a fully functional installation of Zoiper.

On my main server PC I have fully functional installation of Zoiper, except I'm getting no audio output.

The audio wizard outputs no sound on either the Microsoft Sound Mapper or the selected speaker output device (which is my Smart TV connected via an HDMI cable to my graphics card).

Zoiper can make and receive calls - and judging by the sound output monitor it is receiving audio signals but it's just not outputting them to my speaker device.

As per recommendations I have changed the SIP and RTP ports so that the server PC and the laptop listen on different ports, but I doubt it's anything to do with this.

The only thing I can think of is it's something to do with the specific hardware configuration as the install works fine on Windows 10 on my laptop which operates on the same network as the server PC.

Any thoughts?


asked Apr 25, 2016 in Windows by bermondse1 (180 points)  

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I assume you already went to control panel and audio devices to be sure the correct device is connected.  How many devices do you have to choose from? Any chance you accidently chose the wrong one?  I have seen speaker and microphone plugs become dirty and unplugging and plugging them back in , has solved an issue.  The only other thing I can recommend trying is a head set or at least headphones, since your issue is with the output and not the microphone.  After connecting the headset and selecting the proper output in control panel, if they work, you know it is not the program but hardware.  See if any of that helps.  You are also aware of the audio check and the audio settings under "settings" / audio wizard and preferences?

answered May 4, 2016 by dshipp28760 (180 points)  

Thanks for the response.

Yes I've checked on the control panel, I only have one active, enabled audio output device, and that's the TV which is linked via an HDMI cable, to the graphics card.

I'm getting audio/sound output on the TV speaker from all other PC applications - it's just Zoiper that's not outputting anything. Even the audio wizard doesn't output any sound.

I don't have any USB or audio jack speakers that I can just plug in, and I don't have Bluetooth either  on that machine so that I can use my Bluetooth headset.

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Could you please also try plugging a microphone? Does it affect the issue?

answered May 4, 2016 by Katina (23,910 points)  
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