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I've got Zoiper 3.6 installed on two Windows 10 PCs. Both installations are the pre-configured SIPGate versions.

On my laptop Zoiper works perfectly.

On my main PC use a Smart TV for display and sound via a direct HDMI connection from my graphics card.

The Zoiper installation on the main PC registers and can make and receive calls, but I don't get any sound output. Even the Zoiper audio wizard fails to output any sound on either the Microsoft sound mapper option, or the HDMI connected TV.

This doesn't seem to be a software configuration issue.

Other applications can output sounds perfectly. Is Zoiper unable to output to audio certain hardware devices?

Any idea what's going on?


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This should solve your issue:

1. Open your control panel and go to Sound. 
2. The first tab is "playback", right click on the box under where you speakers are displayed.
3. Click on "show disabled devices". Now the tv pops up in the menu
4. Click enable and then should work

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Fraid not - as my original posting highlighted, other applications are broadcasting sound perfectly well through the TV.

The TV speakers are enabled as the default sound device via Settings under Windows 10, I've displayed all the "disabled" and "not connected" output devices, the only "disabled" devices are the Realtek output ports on my motherboard.

The other AMD graphics card outputs are all showing as not plugged in.

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