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I am using Zoiper for android. How to add  and edit contacts in the contact list?

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When is the ETA for this feature?

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Currently Zoiper for Android does not have a separate contact list. We have it in our to-do list for the future releases.
To add or edit contacts, you will need to use the native Android contact list.

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This would be welcome because some (low-end) tablets do NOT have a native contact list. All attempts at adding contacts to this list result in failure in all applications.

Maybe this problem has been sorted by quicker brains than mine.

Here by accident I found how to add to Android Zoiper contact list.

1. isolate the device from internet( wi fi and data)

2. Open Zoiper and dial the number you wish to add.

                   Connection fails.

3. Open Zoiper Call Log.

$. Click on the number you just tried to call and then Edit as per the dialogue box.

PS if you do not isolate the device from Internet Zoiper will try to connect the call.

Sorry if this is boring old news.

I am convert to Zoiper.



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Hi, I recommend you to use Android Mobile Manager, you can view your contacts and edit hem on pc easily with it.


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