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Hi Zoipers,

I have a problem with TLS negotiation in two Zoiper versions (Zoiper 3.2.21357 64bit for Linux and Zoiper 3.6.1. for iPhone). In both versions I got "Certificate Validation Failure" for domain sip.viptel.sk.

Their certificate is signed by RapisSSL and apparently they have a wildcard certificate *.viptel.sk.

Do you have problems with their Certifice Authority or it is a problem with a wildcard certificate? Or anything else :)

Kind regards


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Wildcard certificates are explicitly forbidden for sip. I don't know why.
We are considering to ignore that part of the rfc.

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Hi Joachim,

thanks for a prompt reply. Can you point me to the mentioned specification/RFC?

Kind regards


I think it's in this one. (quick google search so could be wrong).


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