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I have been using Zoiper for well over a year on my LG Leon H345 Andriod (Lollipop, v5.11) phone. I am also a Zoiper subscriber and the President of DigiLink an ISP that offers Hosted PBX/VoIP service. I actively promote Zoiper as a practical solution to businesses that want mobility on the HostedPBX service.

One vexing issue has been that I have been unable to get Zoiper to work properly with an external bluetooth audio device - it is very frustrating that this fundamental function hasn't been fixed in the last year and doesn't seem to be getting the attention that it deserves.

It is a source of major frustration to receive a call on Zoiper while I am driving as I have to answer and then hit the speaker phone tile three times in order to be able to hear the other party on the built-in speaker of the LG. Why 3 times - 1 to divorce the LG from the external bluetooth audio device, but then still no audio - anywhere, a 2nd time to switch the speaker phone off and then a 3rd to turn it back on - finally I can hear the caller who can also hear me cussing the entire time that I am dealing with salvaging the call!

Come on on guys! Zoiper would be a great VoIP app if it would just properly integrate with external bluetooth devices! PLEASE get this sorted out ASAP - its long overdue. Please don't tell me that the Android Zoiper app is in Beta! First you are accepting payment for the app and 2nd - this problem should have been one of the highest priorities to fix!

Bob Atkins
DigiLink, Inc.

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As of version 1.39, I have some bluetooth functionality in the car! Still some glitches, when I hang up the phone through the car's system, the phone doesn't hang up... but calling out works. 

I've yet to test incoming calls in the car, though.

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Happy to help! For what it's worth, here's my setup:

- Subaru WRX 2015

- Samsung Galaxy Note 3, running Android 5.1.1

- Zoiper 1.39 for Android, Library revision 2.8.6

Sadly, incoming calls still don't transfer to bluetooth...

One more tidbit of information: When placing a call through bluetooth, the callee's received caller Id is wrong (i.e. not mine). It works well without bluetooth. 

Still using version 1.39 for Android.

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Better bluetooth support is still on the Zoiper todo list. We have a lot of request for it and it is high on our wishlist as well.

Currently only mono (SC0) devices are supported, most bluetooth handsets use the stereo mode.

At the moment we are first focussing our attention on the rewrite of zoiper, when that is done and release we will look into improving the bluetooth support.

If we do it now for zoiper 1, we would have to do it again for zoiper 2, which would just delay the release.

You can follow our progress with the new version here:


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Almost one year later you have made ZERO progress

but hey there is one sure way of keeping me from buying the biz version

just keep postponing development on what the customer wants indefinitely

shame on your developer team for making bluetooth NOT work

We have highly improved our Bluetooth support in Zoiper Beta, feel free to try it.


I have the same problem to use my bluetooth headset on Zoiper.

But I use it on iOS 11.1.1 on a iPad air2.

Just registered so I could comment.  After looking around for a decent IOS VOIP app I settled on Zoiper.  First thing I noticed after registering is that Bluetooth does not work (iPhone 5 IOS 10.3.3).  This is a show stopper for me.  Flaky BT support is what finally prompted me to drop Skype.  I can see this has been a long standing issue for Zoiper and is not resolved yet.  So I'm off to find another alternative.

Currently we indeed have some Bluetooth issues on iOS, which our developers are investigating. Other applications are also having issues, so you can draw your conclusions yourself. There are unfortunately some issues on both iOS and Android with the Bluetooth, but we hope that we are going to be able to resolve them.

By the way, for Android, with Zoiper2.x we no-longer support only SC0 for Bluetooth, so headsets with other profiles should also work.  Android wear is still not supported and the answer and hangup buttons are currently not supported, though we are developing this.

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