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Hi!  I saw a comparison chart for Zoiper where, at the last page, it was talking about an integration with Salesforce coming soon.  The document is from 2012 but I was not able to see if there was an integration with it currently, I didn't find any information on the Web and on the forum.  I bought Zoiper 3 Biz.

The link : www.zoiper.com/pdf/Zoiper_Product_Comparison_Chart.pdf

Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi-  I'm in the same place, and I couldn't find a proper integration.  So, I built my own click-to-dial.

I only needed two things- a call centre definition file for SFDC to activate their click-to-dial fields, and a visualforce page that contains the javascript to poke the Zoiper client, using the OpenCTI demo code.  

I did add a bit of extra Javascript to check it's a valid phone number, and open the SFDC "Log a call" window.  Rather than use the proper API, I just use the callto:// protocol handler for simplicity, but it does make click-to-dial work, and an actual developer could do a lot more.

Happy to share the code if you want to try.

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Hello There!

Could you please share the code?

hello there, 

can you please share how you did this , so i can do it also, it would help me out a lot.

thanks in advance 

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