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I would like to work with the following scenario:

  1. An inbound call comes in and i answer it. 
  2. I hold the call 
  3. I want to call a different number through Zoiper
  4. After finishing the call, i would like to continue the call on hold

Is this possible with the Android/iOs App? I can't seem to find a way to achieve step 3.
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Yes this is possible, just follow the next steps:

- Make a call.
- Click the "+" button from the active call screen and you will be able to add a second call.
- Enter the number you would like to transfer the call to.
- If you click the "+" button again you will put the first call on hold and can dial the second number.

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hello, thanks for your reply. sadly there is no "+" button on the active call screen. I am using the Android app right now.

Hello, the "+" button is available with Zoiper Gold only. You can order it from the Premium features section in Zoiper's Config menu.

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