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I used to start Zoiper on my laptop (Win7 64-bit) and just use it with a particular voip account.

Now, every time I restart it, I find that the account has disappeared and I have to set it up again.

(It is Zoiper version 3.6.25251 32-bit)

This makes it pretty well unusable.Any idea why this has started happening?

Are account details kept in a place that might be "cleaned" by the usual housekeeping apps such as in Temp folders? Seems most unlikely, but I see no file in the Program Files/Zoiper folder that look like account configuration files - they all just look like install/uninstall files.

Hope someone can help.....thanks.

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Did you ever find a resolution to this?  I have exactly the same problem, very fustrating

No. I use Skype.

Zoiper's advice for me to contact my IT manager isn't much use in a microbusiness.

I only have this problem on one PC - a laptop. Alas that is the one I take travelling.

It's got to the point where I am looking for an alternative to Zoiper.

Fixed it !

Found an app called Jitsi ( https://jitsi.org/ ) - works a treat and doesn't need setting up every time I use it. It's free too. It's been very nice to use the last few weeks - no problems.

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Config files are kept in the %APPDATA%\Zoiper folder for the windows user. Please make sure it is not cleaned up on restart and that your Zoiper has read/write access there.

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Thanks, but this is not where the problem lies. I don't know where Account details are stored - but it does not seem to be in this folder.

When I set up an account in Zoiper again (and successfully use it to call), none of the files in this folder change, no files show recent modification dates even when an account has just been set up.

For instance, today 20th Sept 2016 I have just (again) set up my account on Zoiper and used it, yet apart from the History file (which updates avery time a call is made) the most recent file is CrashDumpBiz38765.dmp (12th August) and Config (10th August). So setting up an account on Zoiper does not change the Config file (!).

I don't know where Account details are stored - but it does not seem to be in this folder.

Anyone know where the Account details are stored?

If anyone knows why this happens - that would be GREAT.  I have been using Zoiper for years (usually the Classic version - mostly because it allows for multiple registrations (3) in the free version - whenever I need to use a load-balanced / VICIdial setup).

Anyway - my version of this issue is - I have a station that has been working fine for almost a year.  This morning, when the PC started - it had an "empty" (default) configuration file.  This has happened on a few other stations recently - after a Windows Update - but - I was able to re-enter the settings, and everything stuck from that point (not sure why they were lost after the update, but - that's for another day).

Anyway - this station WON'T keep the changes - I can set them, use the station - but - the next time I start it up, the settings are back to the defaults.

The file is definitely stored in the %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Attractel\Zoiper folder - not the C:\Program Files (x86)\...\Zoiper\ folder.

I have granted all possible rights to the folder, and the file - but - nothing seems to work.

Again - the strange thing is - it worked for months - then stopped - on ONE PC - and I cannot figure out why.

I will GLADLY upgrade to a newer version - even a paid one - but - I need to know what causes this...thanks!



it might be file corruption due to the update... 

The virtualStore directory might have got wiped. Generally this is a "deprecated" location for storing files, kept to keep compatibility with applications made in the XP/Windows Vista era. 

Zoiper5 uses %appdata%\Zoiper5.

If you have some system cleaning software like CCleaner, it might be also wiping this directory.

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