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I have used my account for the las 3 years. Came accross different issues but have been able to solved them all until this one.

SIP 503 - DNS Timeout

I have not performed any changes whatsoever, same internet connection, same pc, same settings.

Somehow the errors started showing 1 month ago, and have not been able to use my account ever since.
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I have this same problem, it occurs after my PC wakes from sleep.  If I restart the Zoiper app it connects.  

I just had this problem with the Android client and figured out that (at least for me) it was related to the VPN client I use. Not sure why, but I just needed to connect to a different VPN location, and the 503 DNS error disappeared from Zoiper.

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yes I have the exact same problem. The account credentials work fine on the mobile app but the Windows app works initially them times out.

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No update was made to Zoiper for windows recently, something else must have changed to cause this.

This sounds like the DNS server does not reply at times. (this could be a firewall or a problem with windows or a problem with the dns server).

Can you try replacing the hostname with an ip address ?

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