New Account Setup Failed to Connect, Stay Connection, Or Can't Hear

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We have been trying to debug a situation where Zoiper inot a SIP VOIP provider is having the following issues:

- Sometime fails to connect

- Most commonly connects, but one side or the other can not hear.

- Connects, but does not report the connect on on the calling side.

- Connects, and we can hear each other, but the call only lasts 30 seconds.

What we have done to try to resolve:

- Windows Firewall is turned off.

- Anti virus is turned off

- Windows firewall forces 5060, 10000-20000 ports to be inbound and outbound without blocking.

- Ports 5060 and 10000-20000 are forwarded directly to the win 8.1 computer.

- Stun has been turned on

- Stun has been turned off

- Installed an entirely different computer (Win Tablet) with same failures

- Installed on a cell phone locally connected to the network, with 100% success, but not something we can use.

- Installed on an entirely different computer at an entirely different state in the USA, and everything works.

- Installed linPhone, and it works out of the box.  But, we do not want to use it.

We are at a complete loss. We have spent three days trying to fix this with no solution from ourselves or the provider.

Please help!

asked May 20, 2016 in Windows by PaulJ (140 points)  

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