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Hello im looking for the company for a voip software and found zoiper, i had tested alot who work but miss fetures i need, so i would buy it but i have here a tiny problem.

We are usng sipgate.de and we are locactet in germany, our isp are vodafone and kabel deutschland, we have ipv4

I have no problem to use sipgate on our snoms and other software but with zoiper i have trouble.

I just found out today thaht when i turn on the hide my ass openvpn its works, continues work when i turn them off, until next programstart

heres my log


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or better i can call withouth problems over vpn 2

phoning over the android zoiper work 2

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Can you also send us the NOT working packetcapture without vpn on support@zoiper.com as well as the a WORKING packetcapture after disabling the VPN on support@zoiper.com

Please include a link to this forum in the ticket on support@zoiper.com

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