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I've been using Zoiper with an asterisk server for some days now and I have a rather annoying problem. The setup is on some android 6.0 phones with the latest zoiper app from the Play Store.The phone is connected through WiFi. When receiving an incoming call I have zoiper ringing and vibrating even when on call, and it keeps ringing after the call is completed indefinitely... which is very annoying. The only thing possible is to turn off and on my phone for this to work again. It something not occuring always, and I wasn't able to reproduce it. The phones are motorola moto E 4G.

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asked Jun 28, 2016 in Android by gregoryt (150 points)  

I get this on my Moto E as well. I think it might be something with the lock screen. I am running Android 7.1

I changed the notification permissions for lock screen to show all instead of hide sensitive and its working so far. 

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Same on Moto X Pure / Marshmallow.  I can force stop Zoiper to get the vibration to stop.  It's when I don't pick up on that extension (the phone is in a ring group). 

answered Feb 3, 2017 by Bill McGonigle (140 points)  
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Same problem, when call is answered in another phone (ring group) does not Zoiper stop ringing.

No way to turn it off.

Samsung S4, 3CX pbx.

answered Mar 26, 2018 by EKafeman (140 points)  

Your server probably does not send "Cancel" when the call is answered or it does not reach Zoiper due to NAT issues. Please notify your PBX administrator regarding this issue.

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