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Hello! I experiencing this problem from starting using Zoiper (two weeks ago) to nowadays.

Today i updated Zoiper to newest version, but problem exists.

If i use Force background mode, all my audio (and Zoiper ringing) changes to ear speaker and sounds very silent. I missing calls and can't normally use iPhone without audio.

Any suggestions to fix it? I waited for update, but it didn't fixed.

My iOS version is 9.3.2

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We have received similar reports, we are so far unable to reproduce this on any of our phones.
What version of iphone is this ? (please check the exact model number in the about section in ios settings, there are a lot of submodels for each model of iphone).

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iPhone 5S (recovered)

IOS Version: 9.3.2 (13F69)

Model: NF352ZP/A

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