zoiper://8885551212 Wont Work on Mac?

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I have a c# .net application that contains zoiper://8885551212 links

<a href="zoiper://8885551212">dial</a>

It works fine on all my installations, accept one.  I have a user with zoiper installed on a mac and it does not dial.  We can manually make phone calls, and receive calls. Everything else works.

It asked the familiar first time question to allow the application to use zoiper for the links.  We checked remember this setting and clicked yes. However, zoiper does not dial anything.  We have even rebooted.  Nothing appears in the phone number area, and no error messages are produced. I can find nothing on the web about this (mostly because the search is impossible), and I can not come up with even a way to start to debug this.


asked Jul 19, 2016 in Mac by PaulJ (140 points)  

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