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The android app is failing to do Auto Gain Control on my smartphone's mic.  The result is an unbearable call experience for the other party.  Very low outgoing transmitted audio volume.  So low that the other side of the conversation complains and you must speak right on top of the mic.  This Low volume outbound audio bug happens for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Would you please fix this bug with an update to the android app?

Let me know if there's any additional information you need.

App:  Zoiper Android app 1.38 (latest version).

Audio driver: OpenSLES PortAudio Hostapi.

Phone: Motorola MOTO X, model XT1049, Android 5.1, stock firmware modified by Republic Wireless and certified by Spring and Motorola, to support Republic Wireless's Hybrid Calling service, which intelligently offloads calls from the cellular network to WiFi whenever a high quality WiFi connection is available.

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Same here. Not sure what to do about it but I feel there must be an easy solution I just don;t know about.

In my case, everyone can barely hear me.

Hello, I have found this thread because I am experiencing the same problem. In my case I have found that the low mic issue happens with other SIP apps too, such as GS Stream.

After playing with different configuration options, I have found that by choosing the External Java Driver in Audio -> AudioDriver, the mic sound is much better. Only issue then is that if you try to use the call recording function only the other party will be recorded, not you.

Hopefully a definite fix will be found by Zoiper so that we can use the OpenSLES PortAudio Hostapi driver.

My handset is a Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos.

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I have exactly the same problem. I turned on auto gain control because it was the only possible setting I could see that might put some gain on microphone. However, it did not - it made it worse. Unfortunately I found this in a call to a call centre where I had to wait about 30 minutes for an agent to answer, so I had to shout the entire conversation directly into the microphone. Why can't there be a simple gain control for mic as there is for speaker? I don't care if I have to set it manually, I just want to be able to change it.

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same here, if i cup my hand around the phone mouthpiece and my mouth and shout, then i can be heard fairly well, otherwise not.  ZoiperBeta 2.0.30, Galaxy S5 g900p.04, Lollipop 5.0

Anyone know if this problem has been fixed? Getting rather frustrating. Alternatively does anyone know of any other free VOIP app that works?

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