Using Zoiper with hardware keys?

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I am using presently Zoiper on an Android device with its "Dialer", i.e. the numbers are dialled with the softphone by tipping on the screen the corresponding number/selection.

Would it be possible to dial for the softphone the numbers also with the hardware number keys of a mobile-phone?

I ask this question because I intend to buy a "Sonim XP6" Android-phone which has a very small screen and hardware number keys. I presume that with some effort the softphone could just about be configured on the little 2.6 inch screen; but I expect that it would be completely impractical to use Zoiper's "Dialer" on it.

Thanks for some advice.

asked Jul 25, 2016 in Android by MET (160 points)  

3 months later I ask again, now more general: Has anyone tried to use Zoiper on a mobile phone with hardware numeric keys and is it possible to dial with them the softphone?

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