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I'm using Zoiper Biz on Linux, and have got LDAP setup and working as far as I can search for contacts and they are returned, however it doesn't seem to do reverse lookups for caller ids on incoming calls.

Do the contacts have to be imported into Zoiper for caller id lookup to work, or should they work with the remote LDAP list - obviously importing from LDAP is possible, just a bit of a pain as the contact list changes a bit.

Many thanks in advance.

asked Aug 7, 2015 in Linux by chrisjfarrell (150 points)  

+1 i have the same query

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At the moment reverse lookup is not supported. We have it in our to-do list for the future releases.

answered Aug 7, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  
selected Aug 7, 2015 by chrisjfarrell

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for the speedy response - for the time being I'll just import the contacts.



@Katina is this now supported by Zoiper 5 Pro?

Yes, it is supported with Zoiper 5 PRO.

Thank you Tsetso. Any links to how to setup a server based address book?


You can find our Zoiper5 manual, with an overview of the LDAP, here: https://www.zoiper.com/pdf/User%20Guide%20Zoiper%205%20v.1.0.6.pdf

With the latest update however, we have revamped the LDAP functionality and have added the ability to assign custom attributes and to use multiple authentication methods which are not yet mentioned in our manual. 

Reverse LDAP lookup works semi-decently for a colleague of mine under OSX, in that e.g. out of two people with the cell field set only one gets resolved. For me under Linux, it doesn't work at all. We've compared our settings over and over, they're the same. So in order to get things to work reliably for both of us, what exactly happens in the background? Is there a debug mode where we can see the LDAP queries? I suspect that maybe country code or dial chars don't get worked around on reverse lookups.

Edit: I just looked at it with Wireshark and the correct contact is actually returned! But neither in the notification, nor in the Zammad window, nor in recent calls is the name displayed, only the number. Immediately after that, another LDAP request is being made, this time with no number in it, and a whole bunch of people are returned.


We are preparing an update for all operating systems which should bring some improvements on the matching. Please wait for it and let us know afterwards if there is an improvement. I believe the update will have version 5.2.21. It is expected to arriver withing a week or two, if everything is fine with the build.

I am using zoiper 5.3.8 and see the same problem with ldap. the contact is sucessfully searched but not displayed in zoiper. any problems? or settings that i should check?

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