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Dear Zoiper community,

i have an issue on my Sony Xperia z3 Compact D5803 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I am using Zoiper 1.38 for Android and a Fritzbox 7360 SL with firmware version 06.30.

I have set up a IP telephone on my fritzbox and within zoiper. Incomming calls are working perfectly fine. But when I try to dial any number the number disapears from the dialpad display and nothing else happens.

While writing this comment, i tried also my Sipgate (DE) account. Here the same issue occurs, when i try to dial any number.

Is there any configuration i can check?




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i tried it with enabled and disabled STUN. The three options where


default STUN (stun.zoiper.com)

Custom STUN: (i entered the IP of my fritzbox, which might not be correct, but i just wanted to ty it out)

none of the options above changed the behaviour. Still, when i dial and press the off-hook button the dialed number disappears and nothing happens. The dialed number does not even appear in the history.

Any other idea?


> Sipgate seems to be a proper/commercial VoIP provider, and I would think that this is the best server to try and debug this problem (Vs your own server?).

That's ok, we can do that.

  • is your phone rooted?
  • no. Stock firmware with the latest ota update
  • have you even had successful VoIP/SIP on your device, using either Zoiper, or something else?
  • Yes, with CSipSimple. I downloaded it and ran through the setup and could immediately start an outgoing call. Incomming calls were also working fine (through connected)

My network settings for the sipgate profile are as follows: Registration expiry time: 600
Keep-Alive: default
Transport: UDP
STUN: own
STUN Server: stun.sipgate.net (i don't know if that is correct, but i can ping it)
STUN port: 3478
STUN refresh rate: 20
Signalling with RPORT: true
Media via RPORT: false

Hi, i set up zoiper on another phone with my sipgate account, and it's working perfectly. Meaning i can dial out.

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