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if i regestered a new account. I don't have any problems. After a sort time, with switching to an WLAN and back to MobileNetzwork. The App says me, i have the error code 400 (Bad request). I have Android 6 und deactivate and activate the account does no changes. After activating the error returns. When i delete the account and add the same account it will be correct connetion. But after an other sort time the error returns. 

Do you have any questions about this issue or an bugfix, then let me now. 

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Andre Kalb

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Do you found a solution? I have the same Problem with w-lan. I can't me Register to Sipgate.

I have the same problem in Android 6.0.1, a network change (from LTE to Wi-Fi and vice versa) makes it say "Registering (Bad Request - 400)". But it never registers, even if I unregister then register. It is the network change that causes the problem.

"Bad Request - 400" means the app sends a request that is empty of information, so this could have something do with the app.

After change of connectivity there will be an attempt to re-register. It is highly unlikely that it would just send empty SIP message of some sort. Anyway, just contact the support team for instructions for debug log and that should show what is happening. I have no problems with Re-registering after network change, so it is not a widespread problem, it is something specific.

Update: My device with this problem has been returned for warranty service for another problem, but I have been using Zoiper for the same VoIP service on a cheap Samsung Galaxy J1 with Android 5.1.1 and it has no problem changing between Wi-Fi and LTE.

It just makes a notification "(number) registered" and is completely painless and perfectly robust, unlike Zoiper on the phone with the problem (a Sony Z5 Compact that I paid 4 times as much for - not happy).

It looks like a device or OS problem at this point.

"It is highly unlikely that it would just send empty SIP message of some sort."

Maybe not empty but invalid or malformed.

I will get the debug log going. Thank you for your advice.

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