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I recently received a FreedomPop SIM card and popped it into my 2nd SIM slot on my Lumia 950XL. The phone is unlocked and the FreedomPop SIM card is working fine for Data and seeing they don't provide a Windows Phone/Mobile app, I looked to ZoiPer. In the dropdown, FreedomPop isn't available as a provider. Is there another provide that I should pick or does ZoiPer not support FreedomPop?

Thanks in advance!

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You can suggest your VoIP provider to contact Zoiper, so the guys can list them into the providers list. Otherwise, you can manually configure your account. To do that run Zoiper and choose "Create" -> "I already have an account" -> "Manual" -> "SIP/IAX" and then fill the settings for the Account name, Domain, Username, Password, etc.

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You need an android phone with superuser access to find out your FreedomPop SIP credentials. Details are available someplace in freedompop forums. You'll need sqlite viewer to peek inside freedompop otp application database.

Outgoing calls work fine but zioper is unable to accept incoming calls even when application is active in a foreground. All incoming calls reported as missing.

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