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I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 and using Zoiper Free. I'm planing to buy some ZioPer Business Licenses, but need to make sure that the requested feature is given.

I want to make automated calls from an external Program, or via script. The external Program (e.g. Thunderbird) could call ZoiPer either by running a cli command including the number or by calling a "protocol". 

What would be the best approach, and is the ZoiPer protocol asscoiation working on Linux?

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Zoiper for Linux does not support CLI or protocol association. The protocol association is available with the Windows version of Zoiper 3 Biz, which supports callto, tel and zoiper protocols with the following syntax:


Zoiper 3 also support the following command line parameters:

Show Zoiper windows if hidden or minimized:


Hang an active call(Biz only):


Call a number:

call=[ phone number ]
dial=[ phone number ]
dial_string=[ phone number ]

Search for a contact(Biz only):

find=[ filter ]

Send fax to number(Biz Only):

fax= [ number ]
fax_file=[ number ]

These 2 load an account configuration file.

add_account_file=[ path to file ]
add_account_url=[ url ]

Some of them might actually work on some Linux distributions.

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Hi Ivan,

thank you for your answer.

I'm able to configure a protocol association on my system manually, but I' m nor sure how the application I'm calling(Zoiper) is handling that request.

Will this work on Biz only? If yes, would it be possible to get a test version to make sure it works before I buy the license?

Best Alex

Hello Alex,

Yes these features are available with the Biz version of Zoiper only. For more information about the license, please contact contact us on .

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