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I don't like using iTunes it's bloatware on my PC and I like to use my iPad as if it is an Android device where I can access the file system and then move the files myself to where I need it  to go, for example move them to my Google Drive account.

I've had a look around inside the file system but I'm having trouble locating where Zoiper actually stores the call recordings.

For comparison are use the Total Recall app on my Android phone and want something of similar functionality on my iPad. Maybe one day you will have the sync to Google Drive like it does.

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I will update you when I fetch the info from the devs as I so not have such a device with me.

Hey Katina,

I found out with a little digging around ... use Filza to show the app name of the hashed-directory:app name

<root>\var\mobile\Containers\Data\Application\<hashed directory name for Zoiper>\Documents

Great product! Now that Australia has moved to 'NBN' (bascially, all data, video, telephony) is carried over a netowrk, I use Zoiper to answer my 'home' phone via my mobile - like a cordless phone that uses the internet as the 'wireless' component.

I have Zopier on my Android and iPad, it's a great workflow improvement.

Keep up the great work!

I've close this thread BTW.


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